All the units producing food grade guar gum , comply with requirement, applicable as per WHO good manufacturing practice guidelines. Utmost attention is given to factory landscaping , overall landscaping, overall cleanliness, plant hygiene and sanitation. before putting into use for production, batchwise potability of water is ensured as per WHO standards.
Guar gum powder is the most preferred thickening and binding ingredient used as baking premixes for technical consideration. In this application fine mesh powder that yields 3500 and 5000cps viscosity is recommended for freshly baked articles (bread). It increases dough and bread yield , improves crumb condition, improves fresh keeping qualities, dough elasticity, enhances texture, maximises the volume of baked articles, enriches fibre, enhances browning and round off the ideal bread flavour.

Flour noodles are dough products that are consumed in large quantities in the East especially in Korea. Glass noodles (mung bean noodles) are produced in large quantities in China. Food grade guar gum powder is the most suitable thickening agent for this application on account of its neutral taste, appearance, flexibility, unique water retention and binding properties. It prevents noodles from adhering with each other and shortens the time for noodles to soften and loosen in hot water.

In these applications , its use is recommended to reach a high viscosity. The product being a 100{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} soluble fibre, an added advantage is to make the noodles fibre enriched. Vikgel -75 is highly suited product for this applicaiton.

Diet Foods
As Guar gum has no calorific value, it is suitable for certain diet foods like diabetic syrups and jams and low calorie slimming foods.
Ice Cream

Food grade guar gum powder coarse of fine granulation, medium or high viscosity depending upon the recipe requirement in combination with other hydrocolloids works well in ice-cream system to undertake the following functions:

Controls ice crystal formation ; provides tailored viscosity ; promotes smooth texture ; provides body of foams ; improves shelf stability ; meltdown behaviour ; creaminess ; structure and overrun.

Meat and Fish products
The high water binding capacity of guar gum powder is one of the main reasons for its use in meet and fish products. It retains the moisture throughout processing and storage of the meat products and stabilises the emulsion of water , fat and protein. In fish products (surimi) , it gives a natural like texture and appearance. the added advantage of its use in meat products is to make the processed meat fibre enriched.
Sausage Coatings
In meat products including sausages and salamis, guar gum powder acts as an adhesive in binding herbs and spices to the product’s surface.
Pet Foods
Guar gum powder coarse and fine mesh depending upon the requirement of the process is used for canned and semi moist pet foods production as a thickening, binding and gelling agent. It enhances taste, texture and makes the processed feed jelly like viscous. Pets enjoy such feed while licking.
Kosher Products

The kosher and kosher for year round use Guar gum powder produced at vikas is checked and certified by the Indian Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue, as a “Genuine Kosher Products”

Food Grade Guar Gum Powder
Guar Gum Powder- Instantly available grades:-

Mesh Cold viscocity range in 1  cocentration Viscosity
300 3500 – 5000 cps 2h – 24h Industrial gum Textile printing
200 2500 – 8000 cps 2h – 24h APC 500 – 5000/g Food
100 2500 – 6000 cps 2h – 24h APC 1000 – 5000/g Food
Hygel-150 Natural Gelling Agent For Toothpaste
Yields 6000-7000 cps cold viscosity in 1{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} solution. It’s solution is gel like that improves the stability and flow properties. its act as a water retention aid and finds uses in cosmetic and personnel care industries. Toothpaste is vital product for every one’s personnel hygiene whetherthe toothpaste is the clear gel or the paste type, it gets its body and texture from Hygel- 150 which also keeps its consistency uniform to the last drop. It is also used in shampoos in smilar way.
VIKGEL-75 Fine Mesh Whiter colour Gum
Yields 5000 cps minimum viscosity in 1{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} solution after 2 hours and is recommended for food applications where colour is of paramount importance. The product is recommended for use in fine and instant foods like jellies, cakes, noodles, soups, sauces, mayonnaise and tomato ketch-ups.
Easy Guar-150 Medium Coarse Mesh Gum

Yields 4500-5000 cps viscosity in 1{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} solution, disperses easily and hydrates quickly. Due to its unique water retention properties, it is highly recommended for meat processing.

Super Coarse Mesh(SCM) Fast Hydrating Gum

Yields instant, high terminal cold and hot viscosity as high as 4500-5000 cps in 1{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} concentration. Although the product is a very coarse mesh powder about 30 or 40 mesh, yet it hydrates quickly in the cold and hot water system without settling down, just within a few minutes of use. The solution so prepared looks like a jelly when mixed at a higher concentration.

Guar DP-50 Dietary Fibre
Yields viscosity as low as 50 – 100 cps in 1{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} concentration. It is a thermically de-graded product, produced without chemical means. Its 3{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} concentration yields about 5000- 5500 cps viscosity. The product is available as fine and and coarse mesh, almost sterilized, nearly odourless, white in color and is predominantly used for fibre enrichment of food. Is acts as a calorie reduced bulking agent, texturizer, stabiliser and fat extender that hydrates rapidly in cold and hot water system. Helps to formulate healthy, fiber enriched foods without compromising on texture, taste & appearance. The product finds uses in baby foods, fruit juices, chocolate drinks, etc.
Vikgel U60-A 100{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} Dispersible Gum
Fast hydrating 100{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} dispersible food grade gum powder that yields high terminal viscosity, minimum 5000 cps in 1{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} concentration.
VIKGEl SUPRA Odourless Guar Gum
Fine Mesh, odourless and tastless guar gum that yields viscosity 3000 – 5500 cps in 1{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} solution is produced by employing stiff washing to guar splits used as raw material. It helps in preventing undesirable smell in food articles and pharmaceutical applications. It gives viscosity and provide smooth flow to syrups and other liquids. Adds body through its thickening property. The use of odourless and testeless guar gum substantially improve the mouthfeel of food products.
Guar 810 LVC Slow Hydrating Gum
Products yields about 300-400 cps viscosity in 1{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} concentration after 15 minutes hydration. It is a product produced from the highest purified guar endosperm. It hydrates so slowly that the viscosity reaches about 1500-2000 cps after two hours.
Guar GEL 75U Low Ph Compatible Gum
Yields cold viscosity in 1{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} concentration as high as 5000 cps even if the PH is lower in the range 2.5 – 3.0 . However, the actual value depends on the type of product and acid or salt involved. In soft cheese products, it speeds coagulation, increases curd yield and makes curd seperation easier. It enhances the resilient body and texture desired in the finished cheese. The products also finds uses in acidified dairy products like yoghurts to prevent serum separation .

VHV Guar Fast Hydrating High Viascosity Gum

It is a fast hydrating fine mesh guar gum that yields very high viscosity above 7000 cps in 1{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} concentration after two hours. Its use is recommended for food and industrial applications where fast hydration and high terminal viscosity in a shorter period is needed.

Cyamostab An Ice Cream Stabiliser

S tabilisers and hydrocolloids are gum with high molecular weight whose principal property is to bind water that regulates foods consistency. This hydrophilic capacity, together with high viscosifying and texturing ability, ensures that the product preserves its integrity and stability duing storage. their properties, either individually, or in synergy, are put to good use in ice cream and related products for the following purposes:

  • To improve storage stability .
  • To improve body and texture:
  • To increase mix viscosity
  • To give the finished product a fine and creamy texture with good melting properties:
  • To Promote the formation of ice nuclei whilst slowing down ice crystal growth:
  • To improve air incorporation and air cell distribution and retain air in the mix during deep freezing


guar gum based natural ice cream stabiliser produced in combination with other natural hydrocolloids to undertake the specific processing requirement n ice cream. Ice cream is a unique food product comprised of three phases; liquid, air and solid. The combination of these phases makes ice cream and the related frozen confections both appealing to the consumer and also difficult for the manufacturer to obtain the desired shelf life. Control of ice crystal formation is a major concern of ice cream manufacturers. The quantity of CYAMOSTA to be used varies, depending upon fat and M.S.N.F contents. The application of only one stabiliser, irrespective of type will have both advantages and disadvantages, depending on these interactions with milk components. The influence on the properties of the end product, i.e. body, texture, melt-down or storage stability, varies with the different types of stabiliser. It is therefore possible by combining stabilisers to benefit from the positive effects of the individual stabilisers and at the same time avoid the undesirable effects. Furthermore, the use of blends makes it possible to obtain an enhanced effect due to synergism between the different stabiliser types. The composition, taste and appearance of ice – cream differ from one part of the world to another, but we consider the four ice cream recipes listed below as typical:

Milk Ice Ice Cream Luxury Ice Cream Soft – Serve
Fat 4.60{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} 10.50{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} 14.00{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} 7.90{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291}
M.S.N.F 12.00{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} 11.00{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} 10.30{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} 11.40{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291}
Sugar 13.10{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} 14.00{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} 15.00{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} 14.00{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291}
CYAMOSTAB 0.35{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} 0.30{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} 0.30{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} 0.35{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291}
Solid Contents 30.05{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} 35.80{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} 39.60{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} 33.65{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291}
Products :
Industrial Application Vikpol – 40 – Quick Hydrating GUm it is a very fast hydrating fine mesh guar gum that yields very viscosity above 8000 cps in 1{88a79be421592edcb77148a9908bc17971e8e5d95048321d057214a51ee4a291} concentration after one hour. It is extensively being used for hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells bearing rock to create fractures. Oil and gas, the two most important pillars of modern industry and our way of life, have to be extracted from deep in the earth . Vikpol – 40, plays an important part in hydraulic fracturing of these wlls. It controls the rheology of the fracturing fluids, giving it excellent flow properties even under severe conditions. It also serves as shale inhibitor, fluid loss reducer, lubricity provider and solids carrier.